4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Drinking

4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Drinking

You might think that you don’t have a problem with alcohol. Not many people do. Most will say it’s something that they can take, or leave. It’s a choice. They are in complete control, and it is definitely, not an addiction. But are you sure about that? There’s an easy way to find out. If you can answer each of these questions with a straight no, you do not have a problem with alcohol. But if you can’t it might be time to think about looking a little harder at yourself. If you don’t, you could lose more than you know.

Have You Ever Woke Up With Blank Spaces In Your Memory?

If you wake up one morning with no memory of last night, you’ve drunk far too much. You’ll hear people say they don’t remember what happened last night quite a lot. The excuse is almost embedded in pop culture at this point and society in general. But the fact is it’s very rare  to suffer from amnesia when drinking. Real amnesia is only caused by serious amounts of alcohol. If you’re drinking enough to lose an entire night, make no mistake. You have put your own life in serious jeopardy due to the possibility of alcohol poisoning.

Ever Suffered From Alcohol Poisoning?

You might not realize that you’ve suffered from alcohol poisoning. Most people think that alcohol poisoning means that you’ll need your stomach pumped. Or at the very least, a medic will be called. But that isn’t always true. If you’ve experienced a night of constant vomiting after drinking, chances are your body has saved you from alcohol poisoning. That’s why you’re throwing up. It’s trying to get it out of your system. Again, if you’ve experienced this more than once, than you may have a problem with how much you’re drinking. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean you have an addiction. It could just mean that when you drink, you over do it.

Can You Take Or Leave Alcohol?

Most people will automatically answer yes to this question. But think about how you would react if someone told you couldn’t have that glass of wine Friday night. You might argue, claiming it’s just one glass. But if you struggle to let it go easily, you do have an addiction. Granted, you’re not consuming vast amounts of alcohol. But you are reliant on it, and that’s an issue. It means you can’t let it go. One of the reasons people use places like Fresh Start Sober Living is because they need a safe environment. Without that environment, they’d be right back drinking again. You have to think about whether you could quit, if you wanted to, without help.

How Much Do You Drink Daily?

Most alcoholics have no idea how much they drink and the truth is this is a trick question. There’s no amount that will automatically give you the label of an alcoholic. What experts do recommend is that if you're drinking more than 14 units each week it’s spread out. The best way to find out if you’re drinking too much is to try and stop. Just for a week or two. If that proves to be too difficult you should seek help before the situation gets worse.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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